Baby Jives Co is a lifestyle brand for this generation and the next. Crafting mobiles, swaddles and artwork with a focus on natural and sustainable materials and eco friendly and ethical manufacturing practices. Our items are hand crafted in the USA in our own Philadelphia based studio and also by our production partners: a family run sewing studio in Pennsylvania and a fair trade certified printing studio in India. Together we create modern heirlooms made to last long after the nursery is gone.

Baby Jives Co began…

when Jahje Ives was pregnant with her first child and she went through some serious nesting. With a background in fine arts, she knew she didn’t want a nursery like every other.  She searched for a unique mobile and when she couldn't find the right one, she made it. Then in 2010 when her son finally started sleeping through the night Jahje took her nickname for him "baby Jives" and used it to start her company. Now working with natural materials like linen, leather and cotton Jahje designs her heirloom nursery items in between family time with her husband Joe and their 2 "baby jives", Gavril and Elodie.

Baby Jives Co now…

is focused on the creation of modern heirlooms inspired by the world around us. Jahje shares, “I believe the things we surround our children with should be as wonderful and imaginative as they are. With that in mind, I am trying to make a bit of magic that will last long after the crib is gone.” The items we make are envisioned as heirloom items meant to grow up with a child. You can find our items in homes around the globe and we've been lucky enough to have people talking about us on the Today Show, in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, US Weekly, People, Today's Parent, HGTV, Vogue, Babble, Buzz Feed and more. You can find out what people are saying about us here.